The Most Important Part of Making Matcha: The Right Chasen

For those who love matcha, the most important part of making matcha is using the right Chasen.


Typically made from high quality bamboo and used for ceremonial purposes, matcha whisks (Chasen) are used by matcha lovers when preparing matcha the traditional way.


Matcha Chasen are Typically Expensive or Made Poorly

It is this important tool that we often hear most customers complain about: Matcha Chasen are either too expensive or of bad quality, and we are not surprised by it!

For starters, the experience of the craftsman and the source of bamboo are crucial in making a good quality Chasen. The bamboo selected must be neutral in smell and does not taint the taste of the matcha. This explains why top quality Chasen used in tea ceremonies are priced in the range of hundreds of dollars.

As for the complaints we hear about low quality Chasen, it is often about the durability and the undesirable smell and taste from the Chasen that taints the matcha. Some Chasen in the market use inferior materials that are either chemically treated or the bamboo comes with a scent that will alter the taste of the matcha.


The 100 Prong Chasen: The Perfect Balance of Good Value and Great Durability

We heard your feedback and feel your agony.

We set out to find a matcha Chasen that will help you achieve that perfect frothy matcha every day without breaking the bank.

We sourced extensively across Asia with these considerations in mind for the perfect Chasen:

  • It must be made of high quality bamboo that is neutral in smell which will not tint the flavor of the matcha
  • The bamboo must be durable even if we were to craft it into a 100 Prong Chasen
  • The craftsmen must be able to deal with the material and craft the bamboo prongs evenly
  • The product must be affordable for the everyday matcha drinker

After an extensive search and testing of numerous samples, we are happy to introduce 100 Prong Natural Bamboo Chasen and we are confident that this is the Perfect Chasen that will help you achieve that perfect frothy matcha everyday.

You can get your hands on the perfect Chasen now.

As part of our special launch promotion, we're offering it at more than 70% off the regular price during this limited time promotion.

Praise for Bamboo Chasen

"For all matcha lovers!!"

This whisk was perfect for my morning matcha. The wonderful result you get mixing with it is just nott the same with a spoon. I didn't know if it was worth the price, but I used it, and it's a great necessity for any matcha drinker!

"Durable & high-quality"

"It is so easy to rinse after each use and keep it in a cup.I love it and it's worth every penny.

I'm going to continue using it and collect the rest of the accessories to complete my matcha tea making ritual!"

"Amazing little whisk"

"Bought one and it was great for whipping up your daily matcha. Works like it's suppose to and it really does foam the matcha tea nicely. Just what I needed!"

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