“Be Calm and Focused With Organic Matcha Tea”

Vitality Matcha Will Help YOU

  • Support Calm Focus: Matcha contains L-Theanine and a form of slow release Caffeine which complement each other to make you feel calm and alert without the crash and jitters
  • Support Brain Health: Drinking Matcha can help support improved long-term memory, attention and focus over time.
  • Lower Blood Pressure: L-Theanine reduces anxiety levels while lowering blood pressure in the long run.

How Is Vitality Matcha Different from Other Matcha Brands?

Tea Leaves and Weed - Removed 100% By Hand

To ensure that the tea plants don’t get their nutrients stolen by weeds, the farmers who grow our tea pick out and remove the weeds 100% by hand.

Their dedication to the craft of Organic Tea farming is why Vitality Matcha is so good while sticking to traditional, organic and natural farming methods.

Made With Only Top 2 to 3 Leaves from the Spring Harvest

What’s more, only the topmost 2 to 3 leaves of each tea plant is used as they have the most nutrients.

All of these are necessary to provide you with a Matcha that has probably the highest amount of L-Theanine which will definitely support your calm focus.

Kept in a Cool Room and Made With a Traditional Stone Grinder

Vitality Matcha tea leaves are stored in a temperature and humidity control room at a constant 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
The stone grinder also turns precisely 54 revolutions each minute to control its consistency, and amount of heat produced.
This is important for preserving the freshness, and the nutrients.

Why Try Vitality Matcha?

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Free shipping worldwide on all orders.

30 Day Money Back


If you're not satisfied with your Matcha for any reason, simply let us know within 30 days and get your money back.


JAS Organic

Vitality Matcha is Certified Organic by JAS, and produced under the strictest Japanese standards for the highest quality.

FAQs About Vitality Matcha

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Vitality Matcha here.

1. How do you prepare Vitality Matcha?

Scoop about 3g of Matcha powder from the bag using a Chashaku (Bamboo scoop) and place the powder in a Chawan (Matcha bowl).

Then pour some hot, filtered water with a temperature of about 175° F into it. Whisk the Matcha with a Chasen (Bamboo whisk), creating a 'zig zag' motion till all the powder is dissolved. Now you can enjoy your Matcha!

2. What is tea cultivar?

A cultivar is “a plant variety that has been produced in cultivation by selective breeding”. Each cultivar is bred for its unique characteristics and taste.

No matter which cultivar of Vitality Matcha you choose, they all go through the same high standards when it comes to growing, harvesting and processing.

3. How can I add Matcha in other drinks or foods?

You can prepare Matcha with water, milk, coffee and smoothies.

You can also use it as a spice for an herbaceous hint to your food, adding in your scrambled eggs, granola breakfast, or side vegetables.

The Matcha will give your food and drinks an interesting herbal flavor.

To retain Vitality Matcha’s nutrients, you could first whisk some water of about 175° F to your Matcha powder before adding other ingredients.

4. Are there any sweeteners or additives added to your Matcha?

No. Vitality Matcha is free from any additives. It's made from pure Japanese Matcha green tea with no additives. It has a naturally sweet, delicate aftertaste, so you don’t need to add sugar to enjoy this unique drink.

5. Is Vitality Matcha organic and natural?

Yes, Vitality Matcha is Certified JAS Organic. JAS stands for Japanese Agricultural Standard.

Vitality Matcha goes through stringent checks before it is certified organic. No chemicals are used in its production.

6. Is Vitality Matcha Culinary or Ceremonial Grade?

Vitality Matcha is Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha made with 100% tea leaves. It is packed with L-Theanine that complements Caffeine to support your calm focus and well-being. Only Ceremonial Grade Matcha powder is meant for drinking.

7. Can I drink Vitality Matcha if I’m sensitive to Caffeine?

If you have any health concerns, please consult your doctor before consuming Vitality Matcha. We’re happy to help should you have any questions about the ingredients.

8. Where can I get Vitality Matcha from?

You can get it only from our website. We’re currently having a limited time offer for the 1st harvest of the year, while stocks last. Shop here.

9. How many servings per bag?

Vitality Matcha is good for about 10 servings (3g each), or up to 30 servings (1g each) if you prefer a thinner tea.
Unlike Culinary grade Matcha which can only be used to make thin tea, our Ceremonial Grade Matcha can be used for both thick and thin tea without tasting bitter.

10. What are the shipping fees?

We offer free shipping worldwide on all orders.

11. What if I want my money back?

We are offering a 30-days money back guarantee for every order. Just say “Maybe” to our Premium Ceremonial Grade of Matcha and see how it feels.

If you don’t like it, you can ask for your money back. No questions asked.

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