Limited Time Only: An Unbelievable Deal for Fantastic-Tasting Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • Great-Tasting - Enjoy a lingering sweet taste in every sip. Backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Pure Ceremonial Grade - 100% Matcha green tea powder that is Certified Organic from the 1st Harvest with no sugar and additives.
  • Fantastic Deal - Now at an unbelievable price for a limited time only.

But First, You Need to Know the Difference Between Great and Inferior Matcha

Did you know that there are many different kinds of Matcha?

Most Matcha you'll find in the stores or even on Amazon is Culinary Grade.

Culinary Grade Matcha is yellowish green. When you drink it, the tea tastes bitter and gritty.

That's why Culinary Grade Matcha should never be used to make tea. It is only used for cooking.

The Dramatic Difference between Culinary and Ceremonial Grade

Unlike Culinary Grade Matcha, Ceremonial Grade Matcha is used by the Japanese during tea ceremonies and special occasions.

Because you deserve to enjoy quality Matcha...

We've worked with a traditional Japanese tea farm to bring you Vitality Matcha.

Should You Even Try Vitality Matcha?

Vitality Matcha is excellent in taste and quality, among other benefits.

But before we share with you more about Vitality Matcha's benefits...

You need to know that every bag of Matcha you buy is backed by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you're not satisfied with your Vitality Matcha experience, simply let us know within 30 days to get your money back.

Try Vitality Matcha for yourself. Discover the difference.

4 Other Reasons to Try Vitality Matcha

Reason #1: Tastes Naturally Sweet. Goodbye, Bitterness!

Our farmers handpick the top 3 leaves during the 1st Harvest in Spring. These leaves are loaded with L-Theanine, giving Vitality Matcha a sweet umami taste.

Is There a Limited Supply of Tasty Vitality Matcha?

As the harvest process happens only once a year, we can only produce a small batch of Vitality Matcha each time.

Once this tasty Matcha is gone, you'll have to wait until the next year for it.

Reason #2: Pure, Ceremonial Grade Matcha from Japan

Vitality Matcha is Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha from a small tea farm in Kyoto Uji, Japan.

Our farmers take great pains to shade the young tea leaves from the sun before harvest. The result?

Every speck of Matcha is vibrant green and rich in nutrients.

100% Pure, Natural and Real

Vitality Matcha is pure green tea goodness, as quality Matcha is.

There is absolutely no trace of artificial sweeteners or additives in it.

Reason #3: Certified Organic - Made with Special Care and Effort

Vitality Matcha is Certified JAS Organic.JAS is the Japanese Agricultural Standard, the certifying body for organic food in Japan.

To be Certified JAS Organic, Vitality Matcha has to pass regular stringent checks throughout the entire growing and harvesting process.

A Farewell to Chemicals

Some Matcha brands use dangerous chemical fertilizers, which can damage your health.

But our farmers refuse to apply any chemical to the plants. They use a top-secret organic fertilizer instead.

As organic fertilizers work slowly, our farmers spend more time tending to the plants.

This extra effort means that Vitality Matcha is costs much more to grow, harvest and process. But it's worth every cent to produce Matcha that has a vastly superior taste and quality.

Reason #4: Can Help Improve Your Health

Matcha contains natural active ingredients that can help nourish your body and mind.

These include L-Theanine which helps to improve concentration, memory, and mental alertness.

And also EGCG, a powerful antioxidant.

An Even More Powerful Health Booster

As a 1st Harvest Ceremonial Grade Matcha...

Vitality Matcha is packed with even more healthy goodness compared to other inferior Matcha teas.

Try it out and experience the health benefits for yourself.

Do You Want High-Quality Matcha at Absolutely No Risk?

Why Vitality Matcha is Naturally Better:

  • Great-Tasting - Enjoy a lingering sweet taste in every sip. Backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Pure Ceremonial Grade - 100% Matcha green tea powder that is Certified Organic from the 1st Harvest with no sugar and additives.
  • Fantastic Deal - Now at an unbelievable price for a limited time only.

Did you know quality Matcha usually costs upwards of $60 for about 10 servings?

For a limited time only, we're offering Vitality Matcha an incredibly low price, while stocks last.

Why Try Vitality Matcha?

Free Shipping


Free shipping worldwide on all orders.

30 Day Money Back


If you're not satisfied with your Matcha for any reason, simply let us know within 30 days and get your money back.


JAS Organic

Vitality Matcha is Certified Organic by JAS, and produced under the strictest Japanese standards for the highest quality.

FAQs About Vitality Matcha

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Vitality Matcha here.

1. How do you prepare Vitality Matcha?

Scoop about 3g of Matcha powder from the bag using a Chashaku (Bamboo scoop) and place the powder in a Chawan (Matcha bowl).

Then pour some hot, filtered water with a temperature of about 175° F into it. Whisk the Matcha with a Chasen (Bamboo whisk), creating a 'zig zag' motion till all the powder is dissolved. Now you can enjoy your Matcha!

2. How can I add Matcha in other drinks or foods?

You can prepare Matcha with water, milk, coffee and smoothies.

You can also use it as a spice for an herbaceous hint to your food, adding in your scrambled eggs, granola breakfast, or side vegetables.

The Matcha will give your food and drinks an interesting herbal flavor.

To retain Vitality Matcha’s nutrients, you could first whisk some water of about 175° F to your Matcha powder before adding other ingredients.

3. Are there any sweeteners or additives added to your Matcha?

No. Vitality Matcha is free from any additives. It's made from pure Japanese Matcha green tea with no additives. It has a naturally sweet, delicate aftertaste, so you don’t need to add sugar to enjoy this unique drink.

4. Is Vitality Matcha organic and natural?

Yes, Vitality Matcha is Certified JAS Organic. JAS stands for Japanese Agricultural Standard.

Vitality Matcha goes through stringent checks before it is certified organic. No chemicals are used in its production.

5. Is Vitality Matcha Culinary or Ceremonial Grade?

Vitality Matcha is Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha made with 100% tea leaves. It is packed with L-Theanine that complements Caffeine to support your calm focus and well-being. Only Ceremonial Grade Matcha powder is meant for drinking.

6. Can I drink Vitality Matcha if I’m sensitive to Caffeine?

If you have any health concerns, please consult your doctor before consuming Vitality Matcha. We’re happy to help should you have any questions about the ingredients.

7. Where can I get Vitality Matcha from?

You can get it only from our website. We’re currently having a limited time offer for the 1st harvest of the year, while stocks last. Shop here.

8. How many servings per bag?

Vitality Matcha is good for about 10 servings (3g each), or up to 30 servings (1g each) if you prefer a thinner tea.
Unlike Culinary grade Matcha which can only be used to make thin tea, our Ceremonial Grade Matcha can be used for both thick and thin tea without tasting bitter.

9. What are the shipping fees?

We offer free shipping worldwide on all orders.

10. What if I want my money back?

We are offering a 30-days money back guarantee for every order. Just say “Maybe” to our Premium Ceremonial Grade of Matcha and see how it feels.

If you don’t like it, you can ask for your money back. No questions asked.

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