4 Things to Expect About
Your Vitality Matcha Order

1. You'll feel the calm focus effect about 15 minutes after having Vitality Matcha.

The caffeine from Vitality Matcha takes about 15 minutes to kick in from the moment you first consume it. You'll experience this natural calm focus effect that will keep you energized and alert for about 4 hours before the caffeine starts to wear off. But you won't get the jitters or energy crash unlike coffee gives you.

2. Vitality Matcha comes in a packet of 30 grams and is no bigger than the size of your palm.

Made from a 100% pure green teas leaves, Vitality Matcha is made with exceptional care and does not contain any additives or fillers. All you need is about half a teaspoon of Vitality Matcha powder to reap all its benefits and enjoy being relaxed and alert at the same time.

3. Vitality Matcha is not water-soluble.

As Vitality Matcha is organic pure ceremonial grade matcha powder, it consists of tiny particles of ground green tea leaves that are not water-soluble. The difference between any whole green tea leaves that come in a tea bag and Matcha powder is the amount of nutrients you get of out it.

Unlike Gyokuro and Sencha teas where the whole tea leaves have to be put in tea bags/filters and infused in water, Matcha teas are grounded up tea leaves that are consumed with the water. This means that you get partial benefits from teas that are whole leaves in tea bags whereas you get to have the full benefits of the tea leaves in Matcha powder. That's why drinking Matcha tea is so beneficial for your body.

4. Vitality Matcha has a subtle natural sweetness to its rich earthy taste.

Due to its high L-Theanine content, Vitality Matcha has a subtle natural sweetness to its rich earthy taste. So there's no need to add sugar or sweeteners to it. Although the traditional way to have it is with hot water of 175°F (the amount depends on your preferred consistency), feel free to have it in any way you like.

We hope you're excited about your Vitality Matcha.

Feel free to reach out to us at hello@matcha.me if you have any questions.

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